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Los Angeles Hard Drive Destruction

Did you know your hard drives also need to be destroyed before they leave your possession in order to be compliant with local California and federal privacy laws?

Hard Drive Shredding Services in Los Angeles

That’s because digital files are fully recoverable from an old hard drive, even if you’ve scrubbed that hard drive of your files. The only way to protect your digital data is to destroy the hard drives altogether.

Los Angeles Paper Shredding contractors provide hard drive shredding services. They pulverize your hard drives, and then melt down the metal pieces for recycling, assuring absolute destruction. Hard drive destruction can be performed at your location or at our secure LA County facility, and you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction once the job is done.

The entire process is simple and easy while also being secure and confidential. The process includes the drives being dropped off or picked up. Then, the drives are destroyed by an industrial shredder. Lastly, you will receive a certificate of destruction. This is your reassurance that your electronic data is no longer recoverable. The certificate is also useful for maintaining records for personal or legal reasons.

Keep an Eye Out for Hidden Hard Drives

Hard drives are hidden everywhere in LA homes and offices. Devices like scanners, fax machines, and printers all have hard drives that might have saved a copy of every digital file these devices have received throughout their lifetime. 
Other vulnerable electronic devices you might not have considered include:

  • Embedded flash on boards and devices
  • Biomedical devices such as physiologic monitors, infusion pumps, ventilators, MRI, CT, and diagnostic ultrasound and laboratory analyzers
  • RAM and ROM-based storage devices
  • Legacy magnetic media like floppy drives, zip disks and magnetic tapes
  • Mobile devices like cell phones, smart phones, PDAs, tablets and laptops
  • USB removable media such as pen drives, thumb drives, flash drives and sticks
  • Memory cards, including SD, SDHC, MMC, compact flash, microdrive and memory sticks
  • Fax machines, scanners, copiers, and printers
  • Optical media, including CDs and DVDs
  • PC hard drives

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A breach of digital data can have severe repercussions. Whereas a thief might only be able to grab an armful of physical documents, a hacker can download hundreds of thousands of files in minutes. Don’t be careless with your hard drives. 
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