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About Los Angeles Paper Shredding

Protect yourself from identity theft with a professional Los Angeles based document destruction service. Our local contractors offer several flexible and affordable paper shredding services that will help protect your family and business

Southern California businesses cannot afford to neglect the proper disposal of sensitive documents. California S.B. 1386 requires every business to “take all reasonable steps to destroy a customer’s records that contain personal information”, while FACTA and HIPAA are federal laws that require the shredding of personal information before it is disposed of.

The best way to securely destroy your documents is with the assistance of a professional paper shredding service provider. Los Angeles Paper Shredding contractors can complete your shredding project in no time, regardless of size. They can ensure that your documents are promptly recycled and their disposal is fully compliant with California and federal laws.

Furthermore, careless disposal of private documents at home can put you and your family at risk for things such as identity theft, fraud, and blackmail. Thieves still consider your mailbox and trash the best source of personal information. Make sure you are not leaving anything they can use to steal your identity or open credit cards in your name.

How to Keep Your Office Secure from Data Breaches: Most often, data breaches occur due to human error. Employees can easily make forgetful mistakes when handling sensitive information and can negatively harm your business. Leave it to professionals to ensure your security, give us a call at (310) 606-2151, or request a FREE quote.

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Document Shredding Services in Los Angeles


A paper shredding truck is sent to your Los Angeles location, where a technician will shred all documents and immediately transport them to a recycling facility. You are able to witness the document shredding process.

Off Site

A document shredding truck will pick up your materials from your location and perform the shredding at a secure Los Angeles facility. This is an affordable service meant for projects weighing in at more than 30 pounds.

Hard Drive

They pulverize your hard drives, and then melt down the metal pieces for recycling, assuring absolute destruction. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction once the job is done.

For your convenience, our partners also offer several scheduling options:

  • One-time Purge: If you only have one document shredding project planned, a one-time purge service is exactly what you need.
  • Ongoing Shredding: If you anticipate needing document shredding services on a regular basis, our contractors can conveniently schedule a weekly, monthly, or quarterly shred. You are given free, secure containers to store your documents in between our regular visits.